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Summary of Activities Carried Out during GSoC 2008 August 18, 2008

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For me, GSOC was a learning experience. I feel that I’ve learned more

from doing this than I have over the course of all my university

classes. So for me, the things that I’ve learned break down as


Technical things:

  1. Installed cygwin and learnt some basic stuff regarding cygwin. Have never really used cygwin before.

  2. Learnt how to use bkclient for downloading mysql source code which was replaced by bazaar in the middle of GSOC. Again I have never realy used a distributed version control system.

  3. Learnt how to use bazaar which has more functionality than bkclient

  4. Downloaded the mysql source code and built it on Windows as well as Linux.

  5. Learnt how to debug the mysql source on Windows using Visual Studio

  6. Learnt how to debug the mysql source on Linux using gdb and ddd with gdb

  7. Installed mysql on ubuntu as well as Fedora Operating Systems.

  8. Learnt more about the Linux kernel, threads as used by mysql and other general stuff related with mysql.

Non-technical things:

  1. Not all geeky people are boring to interact with. In fact I had the chance to interact and got to know some of the most interesting people at mysql, Google as well as all other GSoC 2008 students from all ovcr the world.

  2. Internet Relay Chat . I am new to IRC too.

  3. Blogging.


GSoc Week 9 August 18, 2008

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Week 9 (21st – 28th July)

Key Accomplishments Last Week

  1. Read about the mysql Benchmarking suite and the importance of this suite for mysql.
  2. Covered the chapter on Debugging in “Expert Mysql” by Charles A.Bell.
  3. The chapter on debugging helped me to get to speed to debug mysql source code on Windows using Visual Studio
  4. I also practiced debugging mysql on Linux using ddd and gdb.
  5. P.S. I would like to thank Brian, Collin and Leslie for their patience and support. If God wills, I should start some serious hacking very soon.


Coding phase 1 week 6 July 10, 2008

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Week 6 (30th June – 7th July 2008 )

Key Accomplishments Last Week

1. Implemented a feature to rearranger.c to allow it to accept multiple input files (as requested by Brian). There are a few problems with this feature, however, and I plan on rectifying them soon.

2. Learnt some basics of Lua.

3. Learnt a bit about the ddd.

4. Started learning about the internals of mysql and bought a book, “Expert MySQL” by Charles A. Bell. I already have a fair idea about the working of mysqlslap. Once I get a good grasp of the ddd debugger I should be able to understand mysqlslap more thoroughly.

Key Tasks that stalled last Week


Key Concerns

The upcoming midterm evaluation gives me a sense of urgency in my work. On looking back, I feel I have given my best but it could definitely have been better. Hope that the best things that I had planned for is yet to come. I will need another week to get really comfortable with the internals of mysql and implement my plans.

Tasks for the Coming Week

1. Learn the ddd debugger to successfully trace the mysql code.

2. Learn more about the internals of mysql.

3. Run mysqlslap 6.0 as much as possible with as many features as are available and record the output.

First post entered in BlogPress May 21, 2008

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Hi this is where my first blog entry comes up,


Hello mysql! May 18, 2008

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Hi everyone,

I am Taufiq Aalam and i am extremely honoured and happy to be a part of GSoc2008. My project deals with developing mysqlslap. I am very excited about it and have been working hard for it. Got to know a lot about mysql from the developer’s perspective (“Under the hood”).

This is my first serious attempt at blogging and am doing it to keep track and inform others (especially my mentor,Brian Aker) about the progress. I do not generally blog but doing it mainly for GSoc project. I was very happy to see one of our fellow mysql students being mentioned by Leslie hawthorn as an example to follow. Kudos to Filippo Bolini !!! 🙂

I started recording my progress. If anyone is interested they can contact me via IRC. I will be online most of the time with the nickname “taufiq_ilm” or “taufiq” at irc.freenode.net in the #mysql as well as #mysql-dev channels.