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Summary of Activities Carried Out during GSoC 2008 August 18, 2008

Posted by taufiqaalam in Introduction.

For me, GSOC was a learning experience. I feel that I’ve learned more

from doing this than I have over the course of all my university

classes. So for me, the things that I’ve learned break down as


Technical things:

  1. Installed cygwin and learnt some basic stuff regarding cygwin. Have never really used cygwin before.

  2. Learnt how to use bkclient for downloading mysql source code which was replaced by bazaar in the middle of GSOC. Again I have never realy used a distributed version control system.

  3. Learnt how to use bazaar which has more functionality than bkclient

  4. Downloaded the mysql source code and built it on Windows as well as Linux.

  5. Learnt how to debug the mysql source on Windows using Visual Studio

  6. Learnt how to debug the mysql source on Linux using gdb and ddd with gdb

  7. Installed mysql on ubuntu as well as Fedora Operating Systems.

  8. Learnt more about the Linux kernel, threads as used by mysql and other general stuff related with mysql.

Non-technical things:

  1. Not all geeky people are boring to interact with. In fact I had the chance to interact and got to know some of the most interesting people at mysql, Google as well as all other GSoC 2008 students from all ovcr the world.

  2. Internet Relay Chat . I am new to IRC too.

  3. Blogging.



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