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Coding Phase 1 Week 8 July 24, 2008

Posted by taufiqaalam in GSoc 2008.

Week 7+8 (7th – 21st July)

Key Accomplishments Last Week

1. Went through the Internals Guided Tour at http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/MySQL_Internals_Guided_Tour completely 🙂

2. Covered the first two chapters of “Expert Mysql” by Charles A.Bell which took me into the internals of mysql source code, mysql testing and benchmarking.

3. Created a page dedicated to mysql internals at https://taufiqmysql.wordpress.com/mysql-internals/

4. Gained a more detailed view of the benchmarking and mysql test suites thanks to the “expert Mysql” book by Aprèss.

5. Learnt how to created a sample test file and how to execute the test case.

Key Tasks that stalled last Week


Key Concerns

1. Time – “Ars longa vita brevis”

Tasks for the Coming Week

1. Have a look at supersmack and mybench, two other benchmarking and load generation tools similar to mysqlslap. This will give me some more insight into benchmarking tools

2. Open up mysqlslap again and learn it comprehensively by running as many features as possible.



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