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Coding phase 1 week 6 July 10, 2008

Posted by taufiqaalam in Introduction.

Week 6 (30th June – 7th July 2008 )

Key Accomplishments Last Week

1. Implemented a feature to rearranger.c to allow it to accept multiple input files (as requested by Brian). There are a few problems with this feature, however, and I plan on rectifying them soon.

2. Learnt some basics of Lua.

3. Learnt a bit about the ddd.

4. Started learning about the internals of mysql and bought a book, “Expert MySQL” by Charles A. Bell. I already have a fair idea about the working of mysqlslap. Once I get a good grasp of the ddd debugger I should be able to understand mysqlslap more thoroughly.

Key Tasks that stalled last Week


Key Concerns

The upcoming midterm evaluation gives me a sense of urgency in my work. On looking back, I feel I have given my best but it could definitely have been better. Hope that the best things that I had planned for is yet to come. I will need another week to get really comfortable with the internals of mysql and implement my plans.

Tasks for the Coming Week

1. Learn the ddd debugger to successfully trace the mysql code.

2. Learn more about the internals of mysql.

3. Run mysqlslap 6.0 as much as possible with as many features as are available and record the output.



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