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Coding Phase 1 Week 5 July 2, 2008

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Week 5 (23rd – 30th June)

Key Accomplishments Last Week

  1. Got Brian’s feedback regarding rearranger.c and discussed how to proceed further.

  2. Successfully overcame all errors one by one, obtained while building mysql from source on Ubuntu and understood the process more clearly. I had done this a few weeks back but since I have not done any hard-core stuff on Linux before, it took some time again.

  3. Understood clearly the steps involved in installing mysql and created a help page at https://taufiqmysql.wordpress.com/47/ for the common errors found while installing.

Key Tasks that stalled last Week

  1. Crash!!! My system had crashed while trying to install mysql and was refusing to log-in using my user name and password. It is not a bug in mysql or anything of the sort, rather it is in the modified commands that i entered to install Linux on my system. However i discovered the errors on my own and recovered successfully. For more details have a look at https://taufiqmysql.wordpress.com/47/.

Tasks for the Coming Week

  1. Learn the ddd debugger to successfully trace the mysql code.

  2. Learn completely basic Lua from http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Basic_LUA_Scripting and attend the Lua session at MysqlUniversity on thursday. Learning Lua will help me in designing something similar for mysqlslap.

  3. Decide on a function that gives most ‘bang for my buck’ and start implementing it.



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