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Coding Phase 1 Week 4 July 2, 2008

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Week 4(16th June – 23rd June)

Key Accomplishments Last Week

1) With reference to the article on http://krow.livejournal.com/483041.html I created a program that rearranges the output of mysqlslap and named it ‘rearranger.c’.

2) Also added some interesting options to ‘rearranger’ to accept command line input and to rearrange virtually any row or column on any type of csv file.

3) Registered myself for MysqlUniversity.

Key Tasks that stalled Last Week

1) Tried to register for the session on Advanced Lua scripting on 3rdJuly but was unable to as I kept getting a “Database error (SQL query hidden) “. Unable to figure out what that was.

Key Concerns


Tasks in the Upcoming Week

1) Will start working on writing a function to insert lot of rows using mysqlslap.

2) Must learn the C API for mysql and then go through the mysqlslap source again

3) Go through the basic Lua session from http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Writing_LUA_Scripts_for_MySQL_Proxy.



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